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Healing Your Inner Child and Aloneness

This type of therapy is for anyone who struggles to connect and built meaningful relationships.

  • Do you feel alone while surrounded by people and unable to enjoy life as much as others? Last minute cancelling or avoiding social situations while simultaneously yearning for deep intimate relationships?

  • Starting new friendships and yet unable to keep up with the demands of friendships and relationships.


This therapy can be for you to understand your attachment style and the cause of your inner conflict patterns while one part of you wants to be loved and another part disconnects from people.


To gain maximum benefits from this process, it requires you to attend sessions consistently.


What you’ll gain from this process:

· The root and patterns of disconnection

· Toxic communication between your adult self and inner child

· Breaking down ego (false self) feelings

· Consequences of living from the Ego

· How to work with abandonment and rejection

· Letting go of negative belief system

· Adopting new techniques to regulate rather than substance use /addictions and co-dependency

· Learning how to take responsibility for our inner child’s pain

· Finding your free child

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