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Anger Management
Individual Online Therapy

20 week programme


Do you find yourself getting irrigatable and finding yourself out of control for small things very quickly? Signs of anger issues can be that your family and friends begin to avoid you for your angry outbursts, road rage, substance use and unpredictable temperament.  

In our fast-paced lifestyle and ever-changing social expectations, more of us struggle to cope with the modern life pressures of work and, to pay our mortgages, dealing with the cost of living. Do you continuously feel on edge?  

Anger is a healthy feeling as much as other feelings humans have and is much needed for our survival as species. If we can channel our anger in the right direction, it can motivate us to achieve our goals or lead us to fight social injustice and put things right. However, on the other hand, undealt anger can become very toxic and cost you losing your loved ones, your job and prosecution when it gets out of hand. Growing research shows our anger is hardly about what other people did; it’s more about our unmet needs. Additionally, it can cause high blood pressure and lead to heart problems.  


In this 20 week programme, we will:  

  • Identify the root of your anger 

  • Finding your anger styles 

  • Explore communication styles and listening skills 

  • Learning how to manage your stress level and triggers 

  • Resources and tools to work with your anger 

  • Conflict Resolution 

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