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About Me

I hold a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy in Transactional Analysis from Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University. I am MBACP (Accred) and accredited by UKCP. 


I offer both short-term and long-term therapy in English and Turkish. I work face to face and online via Zoom / Skype / FaceTime.  

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When we heal ourselves, we heal the next generation that follows. Pain is passed through the family line until someone is ready to feel it, heal it, and let go

Phoebe Garnsworthy 


My modularity is Transactional Analysis (TA) Psychotherapy. TA is a systematic way of understanding how an individual develops their communications and relates to themselves and to the world. TA provides methods for exploring the impact that childhood and the environment can have on shaping a person's personality in adulthood.


Over the last 13 years, I have worked with children and their families within an early year setting, supporting both the child and parents’ emotional needs as well as providing psychoeducation to anxious parents. Through my own observations, which are backed by longitudinal studies carried out by numerous theorists, I have come to realise that when children grow up in a safe and secure environment they tend to thrive in their adult life, going through life hurdles more smoothly. In comparison, coming from a disadvantaged background or less supportive environment may shape how one thinks about the world and oneself; it can particularly impact how a person relates to others.


An area of particular interest to me is developmental trauma – relating to the development of a mother-baby bond or the disruption of this bond through devastating life events such as poverty, divorce, unemployment etc., which can have a profound impact, shaping a person’s life and where they are today.



Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Transactional Analysis


EMDR Centre London

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

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