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Managing Anxiety and Isolation Therapy

12 week therapy


Having manageable anxiety is a healthy human experience to feel daily to get on with life; it’s normal to feel anxious when we start a new job, meet new people, go on a date or when sudden, unprecedented life events disrupt our daily routine. However, how you regulate your anxiety is critical, so it does not control you.

Anxiety is the body’s physical signal of a stressful event or perceived threat. It could be feelings of rapid breathing, tightness around the chest, butterflies in the stomach, a burst of energy, fear, worry, and uneasiness; however, symptoms can differ for individuals.

How do we decide what manageable anxiety is and what’s not? Do your symptoms destructive to your daily and social life, keep you isolated from social situations, and affect your relationships? If yes, exploring your anxiety with others can help you to normalise your anxiety and let go of barriers you built for self-protection, which keeps you isolated and overwhelmed alone.

Unresolved long-term anxiety can lead to depression, social anxiety, anxiety attacks and suffering alone. Furthermore, it can cause hypervigilance in our fight or flight response, leading to overanalysing situations or expecting the worst.

In these 12-week sessions, you will:

· Explore the root of your anxiety

· Managing stress and its relationship with anxiety

· Unconscious negative self-beliefs and catastrophising

· What do you lose when you give in to fear?

· What do you gain by choosing the anxiety-provoking option?

· Recognize triggers – gain tools and resources

· Befriending your anxiety

· Reconnecting with self and others

· Feeling safe in your body

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